Downsizing considerations for seniors can seem daunting. The lifestyle adjustments may seem uncertain and difficult. It’s also a chance to establish a healthy living environment to cope with changes life sends. Whether that comes from financial, emotional, or physical concerns, downsizing considerations for seniors means change. Enjoy the full quality of life in your golden years.  

Ensure A Safe Landing

Chances are you’re aware of the gradual changes that go hand-in-hand with growing older. Sometimes that can mean needing assistance with some daily basics, and if you should reach a point you could use a bit of help each day, assisted living can be a dream come true.

Seniors who require help with things like bathing, dressing, and getting in and out of bed can benefit from having help close at hand. At the same time, it’s a lifestyle-oriented toward freedom and self-sufficiency - you don’t have restrictions, just help when you need it.

There is a wide range of amenities assisted living communities offer. You can enjoy everything from laundry and transportation services to group activities and exercise rooms to gourmet meals to on-site beauticians.

Along with this array of options comes a broad price range, with facilities in Stuart typically costing $1500 to $8495 per month. These include memory care, assisted living, and nursing homes. independent living, and residential home care. Those prices don’t necessarily reflect quality, and since there is so much variety, your best bet is to visit communities in person. 

Smaller Home = Living Large

There are many important financial benefits seniors can gain from downsizing. For one thing, it’s a chance to release the equity in your home and apply it to your life. If you have unused space, you’re no longer tied to it - you don’t need to heat, cool, or maintain it, so it lowers your utility bills, upkeep, and taxes.  

You can move to a home that is closer to places and people that improve your overall quality of life, such as transportation services, health care facilities, and grandchildren. On top of all that, if you pay for services like lawn care or handyman help, with less property, you can cut those costs as well. If you’re tending to those things yourself, it allows you to free time and energy for other things, such as hobbies, friends and family members.  

Choosing a New Home

If you elect to find a smaller house, there are a handful of things to look for that help make aging in place go more smoothly. When it comes to the basic structure, stairs can be challenging as you age, so a one-story home is desirable. There are also several features to consider which could either be found in existing homes or easily added.

Flooring that's easy to care for is a perk, as well as wider-than-average doors and hallwaysWhen it comes to renovations, if you need to make one room your top priority, it should be the bathroomAdding grab bars, a taller toilet, and bath seating can go a long way toward helping you stay safe.  

Allow Ample Time

Moving is a funny thing. It seems like it always takes far longer to pack, make all your arrangements, and then actually manage the move, than anyone ever expects. Bearing that in mind, start planning your move well in advance. If you have a lot of belongings and have lived in your home for a long while, start de-cluttering early on.  

Cutting down on belongings can be especially difficult, as it involves sorting through emotions attached to things and deciding what is necessary for your next phase in life. Try enlisting a friend or two to provide impartial input, and pack as you go. To help you with boxing things up, use this handy packing checklist.

Downsizing considerations for seniors can bring many wonderful perks, but there are some challenges involved. Sort your options carefully and give yourself ample time for the process. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a better quality of life in your golden years.

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