These home safety tips can make a big difference. Sometimes it's the little things that matter, especially when it comes to safety. With many Americans spending more time at home, these home safety tips may save a life. At minimum, they'll save you time and money. 

Kitchen - Increase the life of your dishwasher by cleaning its filter. Make sure the smoke detector works and change batteries when needed. Check for leaks under the sink. These are more common than you think. Replace old pipes or tubing when needed, 

Bathroom - Manually check for leaks or add a smart sensor to monitor them in real time. Receive alerts on a smart phone app. If anyone in the home is elderly or disabled, grab bars in the bath are a must. 

Bedroom/Home Office - With more time being spent in home offices, consider replacing hot, energy-sucking bulbs with LED. Did you know they use 80% less energy? Plus, they're much cooler than incandescent bulbs, saving you on monthly cooling costs.

Laundry Room - Free your laundry sink of any clogging. Inspect the washer and dryer for cracked or brittle hoses and be sure to clean the dryer vent and keep the filter free of lint. If you have very small children, placing cleaning supplies overhead keeps them safe from harm. 

Yard/Exterior - Drainage away from your home prevents all sorts of issues. Clear and repair any drains removing water from your home. Flush them out with a hose. Keep the gutters clean and properly draining. Make sure the yard is free of poisonous plants like poison oak and poison ivy. Remove any dangerous debris, broken equipment, dilapidated sheds and other unsafe items. Ben Franklin said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

A/C - Change or clean A/C filters once a month during the summer. Routine maintenance for A/C units is a must. Without proper care, an A/C can cause water damage and destroy walls, floors and ceilings. Maintain pans and drains to prevent water damage and expensive repairs. Water damage also invites mold and in Florida, this can be difficult to eradicate without proper maintenance and remediation. Proper maintenance also increases the life expectancy of these expensive necessities. 

Windows - Maintaining windows can extend their life for many years. Neglect them and this expensive necessity can mean thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Keeping windows caulked and repaired also increases energy efficiency saving you money. 

Pool - Keep the filter clean, and chemicals and salt at proper levels. Brush the surface of the pool to loosen algae and debris. Keep the deck area clean and algae/mold free to prevent falls. Algae is slippery!

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