Prepping for a virtual showing takes a few minutes and can mean a higher selling price for you. The Post-Covid-19 real estate market is a mix of in-person and virtual showings. With people moving here from other states, it's often difficult for those buyers to physically look at houses here. The solution is a virtual showing scheduled by the buyer's Realtor. If you're selling, here are some tips on prepping for a virtual tour.

1. Make sure your front entrance is clean, tidy and eye-catching. This is the very first impression buyers will have. Pressure wash the driveway, walls and walkways, if it's needed. In the Florida humidity, this is a must. Be sure your windows are clean inside and out. This alone can increase your sale price by 10%. Well worth the effort. Touch up the paint where needed.

2. Clutter can prevent a buyer from actually viewing the property as a potential purchase. Some people are unable to see beyond clutter so remove it. Emphasize the great features in the house, not piles of paperwork, knickknacks or toys. Having a spotless house will allow buyers to view it as their own. 

3. To help buyers view the home as theirs (a prerequisite to making an offer), remove your favorite family photos, and memorabilia. It's difficult for buyers to picture living in the house if they see you everywhere. 

4. Make the atmosphere light and bright by turning on lights and opening doors. By doing this, the Realtor can video or livestream the showing without touching many surfaces. It also makes a much better virtual showing because the agent can slowly move through the rooms without video interruptions looking for light switches and unlocking doors.

5. Let the sunshine in! Open blinds, draperies, awnings and shades. Letting as much light into the house as possible gives the camera the ability to focus on all the beautiful details of each room. Let it shine!

6. Remove all signs of your pet. In the same way that you depersonalize the house, remove pet bowls, beds and toys. Not all people are pet people. You want to appeal to the largest audience possible.

7. Keep your yard mowed and your trees and bushes trimmed. 

8. If a buyer's Realtor is going to show the house virtually, tell them any unique details and personal stories they can relay that information to the buyer in the video or livestream. 

9. Safety and flow are important so plan a clear route around your home for the video. Show off each room and make sure the route is clear of any trip hazards.

Here's an example of a recent video I took for a client in New York. Real estate isn't just about the house, condo or town house. It's about the neighborhood and what makes it a great place to live. By sharing the neighborhood and other amenities, buyers get a complete feel and understanding for the area. We made three videos in this case, one of the house, one of the neighborhood and one of the day dock the community enjoys. By taking three separate videos, our customers were able to see the entire area and amenities and make a decision. Virtual showings are uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media venues so it's easy for potential buyers to see your property.

Prepping for a virtual showing may take a little time and are worth the effort when selling. Get the best possible value for your property by prepping for virtual showings. For more information, contact Treasure Coast Insider Blogger, Mona Leonard at 772-530-6131